This programme aims to help to generate vibrant, competitive and sustainable communities in remote and peripheral locations, by harnessing innovation, expanding the capacity for entrepreneurship and seizing unique growth opportunities in a resource-efficient way.

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EU Budget

€47.2 million ERDF (up to 65% support per project).

Eligible areas

Ireland’s 11 west coast local authorities from Cork to Donegal plus eligible regions of the UK (including Northern Ireland), the Faeroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland and Canada.

Priority axes

Using Innovation to Maintain And Develop Robust And Competitive Communities (€ 14.2 million)

Objective 1.1 Increased innovation and transfer of new technology to SMEs in remote, sparsely populated areas.

Objective 1.2 Increased innovation within public service provision in remote, sparsely populated areas.

Promoting Entrepreneurship to Realise the Potential of the Programme Area’s Competitive Advantage (€ 14.2 million)

Objective 2.1 Improved support systems tailored for start-ups and existing SMEs in remote and sparsely populated areas.

Objective 2.2 Greater market reach beyond local markets for SMEs in remote and sparsely populated areas.

Fostering Energy-Secure Communities through Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (€ 9.4 million)

Protecting, Promoting and Developing Cultural and Natural Heritage (€ 9.4 million).

The programme closed its fifth call for proposals in February 2018. A sixth is planned. After four calls, 69% of the budget has been committed with 68 (main) projects approved. 35 of these have an Irish component.

Uniquely among Interreg programmes, NPA also supports small-scale preparatory projects (which can then be expanded into full project bids) and operates a continuous call system for applicants to submit on this basis.


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