The Single Market Programme (SMP) is the EU funding programme to help the single market reach its full potential and ensure Europe’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides an integrated package to support and strengthen the governance of the single market.

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The programme has six objectives:

  • Food Safety
  • Consumer Protection
  • Support to SMEs
  • A more effective single market
  • High quality European statistics
  • Effective European standards


The Single Market Programme undertakes a number of activities:

  • data gathering, analyses, studies and evaluations in support of effective enforcement and modernisation of the EU legal framework
  • capacity-building activities and facilitation of joint actions between EU countries, their competent authorities, the European Commission and decentralised EU agencies
  • financing of mechanisms allowing individuals, consumers and business representatives to contribute to decision-making processes
  • strengthening the exchange and dissemination of expertise and knowledge
  • setting of common European standards


The programme budget for the 2021-2027 period is €4.2 billion.

Administered by

European Health and Digital Executive Agency

European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency


The programme is available for small and medium enterprises.